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--- 2001年河北省初中升学统一考试---
--- 英语试卷 ---


I. 听句子,选出句子中所包含的信息。(5小题,每小题1分,计5)

1.A.That's easy. B. That's for you.

 C. It's enough. D. I'm in a hurry.

2.A.Class 6, Grade 5 B. Class 5, Grade 6

 C. Class 4, Grade 7 D. Class 5, Grade 7

3.A.He likes sleeping. B. He is very busy.

 C. He likes sleeping. B. He is very busy.

4.A.Allan Poe Edgar B. Edgar Poe Allan

 C. Poe Edgar Allan D. edgar Allan Poe

5.A.He is never late for school.

 B. That's a bad excuse.

 C. Don't miss the school bus.

 D. The school bus is always late.

II. 听句子,选出该句的最佳答语。(5小题,每小题1分,计5)

6.A.In ten minutes. B. I've got it.

 C. By bus. D. I'm not sure.

7.A.Yes, please. B. Not today, thanks.

 C. Here you are. D. You are welcome.

8.A.I'm afraid not. B. It doesn't matter.

 C. What a pity! D. That's very kind of you.

9.A.Fine, thanks. B. He's a teacher.

 C. He's doing well. D. He does his homework.

10.A.That's all right.

 B. Thanks.

 C.DO you like this job?

 D. Thanks for telling me.

III. 听对话和问题,选择适当的图画。95小题,第小题1分,计5)







16.A.¥350. B.¥530. C. 350. D. 530.

17.A.Yellow skirts. B. Yellow shirts.

 C. Red skirts. D. Red shirts.

18.A.The school letter and 4 photos of oneself.

 B.4 photos of the school.

 C.4 photos in the letter.

 D.5 photos and some letters to the school.

19.A.508—4446. B.580—4446

 C.580—4436 D.508—4436

20.A.Miss Flecher;5:00—15:00

 B. Mr. Belcher;9:00—17:00

 C. Mrs. Flecher;5:00—16:00

 D. Mrs. Belcher;9:00—17:00


I. 词汇。(10小题,每小题1分,计10) 


1.Mary called him three times yesterday, but no body answered.

 A. visited B. gave a message to

 C. told D. phoned

2.Jim comes to visit us sometimes. That is always the happiest time for the whole family.

 A. on time B. all the time

 C. at times D. many times

3.Jimmy tried hard, and in the end he did it well.

 A. at first B. at the beginning

 C. at the end D. at last

4.—Oh, sorry, John. I forgot to post your letter.

 —That's all right. I'll post it myself.

 A. Never think about it B. It doesn’tt matter

 C. at the end D. at last

5.—Hello! May I speak to the headmaster?

 —Hold on, please.

 A. Speak louder B. Wait a moment

 C. Call again D. Speak out


6.How long will it_______(花费) you to build the new building

7.Come on, Mary! You have spent one and a half_______(小时) in such a small shop.

8.Lily gets up very early every day because she lives_______(最远) from school.

9.Jane liked the two beautiful dictionaries very much, but she_______(买) neither. They were both too expensive for her.

10.—One more letter from Jim?
  —Yes. I've received eleven letters from him three month. This is the _______(十二) letter.


11.That's a nice watch! Is it _______in China?

 A. make B. making C. made D. makes

12.—My good friend Mike wants to be a soldier when he grows up.

 —So _______I.

 A. do B. am C. will D. should

13.I'm still hungry. Could I have two _______pieces of bread, please?

 A. much B. many C. more D. most

14.—_______do you have an English party?

 —Twice a year.

15.It's very cold today. You'd better put _______your coat when you go out.

 A. away B. down C. on D. up

16._______he was out of the room, he turned back and knocked at the teacher’s door again.

 A. Before B. Since C. As soon as D. Until

17.—Who did it better, Bill or Henry?

 —I think Bill did just _______ Henry.

 A. as well as B. as good as

 C. as better as D. more badly than

18.Their telephone number is 7035707. Have you _______?

 A. wirtten it down B. written down it

 C. witten them down D. wirtten down them

19.—Im sorry I _______my home work at home.

 —That's all right. Don't forget _______it to school this afternoon.

 A. forget; to take B.forget; to bring

 C. left; to take D.left; to bring

20.We usually have six lessons a day, and each of them _______ 45 minutes.

 A. last B. lasts C. have D. need

21.The weather in summer here is like_______ in Beijing.

 A. this B. that C. it D. its

22.Youve never seen such a wonderful film before, _______?

 A. haven't you B. have you C. do you D. don't you

23.It_______ten years since they _______to France.

 A.was...moved B.was...have moved

 C.is...have moved D.is...moved

24.Study hard,_______you're sure to have a good result in the exam!

 A.but B.and C.for D.or

25.The children are often asked_______loudly in the library. They must keep quite.

 A.to speak B.not to speak

 C.don't speak D.not speak

26.I'm going shopping now. I_______home soon.

 A.return B.will be back

 C.come back D.go back

27.Where are the students? Are they in _______?

 A.the Room 406 B.Room 406

 C.the 406 Room D.406 Room

28.This book_______Lucy's ,Look! Her name is on the book cover.

 A.must be B.may be

 C.can't be D.mustn't be

29.—I hear your father_______to Japan once.

 —Yes. He _______ there last year.

30.—Mike wants to know if_______a picnic tomorrow.

 —Yes. But if it_______, we'll visit the museum instead.

 A.you have...will rain

 B.you will have...will rain

 C.you will have...rains

 D.will you have...rains

II. 情景对话。(本题共10小题。其中A部分共5小题,第小题2分,计10分;B部分共5小题,每小题1分,计5分。共计15分。)

(A) 选择最佳答案完成对话。

  It's Friday today. Lily(L) and Mary(M) are talking about what they are going to do this weekend(周末).

  L:What can we do this weekend, Mary? I don't want to do my homework all day.

  M:I know, Lily. 31_______ .

  L:No, we can't. My dad has to work at home.32_______Tom's going to see The daughter of the Sea at the cinema. We can go with him.

  M: 33_______

  L:Maybe we can do some shopping then. there's a nwe dress shop opening on Saturday.

  M:34 _______

  L:On the corner of First Street.

  M:How do we get there?

  L:Well, shall we go by bike? My little brother is going to visit the museum. We can take him there by bike, and then we can go shopping together.

  M:35_______See you tomorrow then!

31.A.Do you like to go out for a walk?

 B.Do you think we can go to the library?

 C.Shall we go to school?

 D.Lets have a party at your house.

32.A.And your dad?

 B.What about Tom?

 C.How about a film?

 D.Will you watch TV at home?

33. A.Im so glad to.

 B.Oh, its a pleasure for me.

 C.No, I dont want to see a film.


34. A.What do you think of the shop?

 B.Where is the shop?

 C.Is it open today?

 D.Is it far from here?

35. A.I really can't agree with you.

 B.That's true.

 C.That's very interesting.

 D.That's a great idea.


  John:Hello, Jim. May I come in?

  Jim:Oh, hello, John. Yes, come in, please

  John:You don't look very well. What's the matter?


  John:Oh dear! Why dont you go to bed for a rest?


  John:Shall I call him and tell him you're ill?

  Jim:38 _______

  John:OK. I'll do that. I'm going to the shops now. Can I get you some medicine?


  John:Yes, of course. Is there anything else I can do?


  John:See you later then. Take care!

  A.Oh, yes, please. His number is in the phone book.

  B.No, Ill be all right. Thanks for your help.  

  C.My head hurts and I feel really hot.

  D.Could you buy me a bottle of aspirin(阿司匹林), please?

  E.It doesn't hurt very much.

  F.I can't. I will play ping-pong with our teacher this afternoon.

  G.Do you think it's a good idea?


  John sent for a doctor because his wife was ill. He called the doctor and made sure they 41_______ meet at five. He arrived at the doctors at twenty42_______ five. He thought,“Its a little bit earlier. I'll wait for a moment . It's good43_______ there on time.”44 _______ he stopped his car in front of the doctor's. He45_______ and saw a noisy square(广场) not far from here. he went there and sat down on a chair to enjoy the last light of afternoon sun and46_______ himself quiet. He saw some children playing and some women talking to each other happily.
  Suddenly he 47_______ a girl crying. He came up to her and asked some questions. Then he knew she got lost. John tried to find our her 48_______ and took her home. The girls parents were very thankful(感激的).
  Then John hurried to the doctors. When the doctor saw him, he was very49_______ and said,“Youre late. Why did you keep me waiting for twenty minutes?”John said50_______ except one word—“Sorry!”.

41.A.should   B.shall  C.would  D.will

42.A.past  B.to   C.of D.after

43.A.to arrive at B.to get C.to leave D.to ride

44.A.Every time B.From now on C.Before D.Then

45.A.looked for B.looked after C.looked at D.looked around

46.A.made B.let C.had D.felt

47.A.hears B.was hearing C.heard D.would hear

48.A.name B.school C.age D.address

49.A.polite B.angry C.happy D.kind

50.A.something B.everything C.anything D.nothing



  When you go to see a doctor, he will wirte you a note(处方) to take to the chemist for some medicine. Chemists are usually good at reading doctors notes. But sometimes doctors write too badly and even the chemist cannot read them.
  One day a man wrote to a doctor to invite(邀请) him to have dinner at his house. The doctor wrote a reply(回复), but he wrote too badly and the man could not read it.
  “What shall I do?”he asked his wife,“I dont know whether he is going to come or not. I don't want to call him and say that I don't understand him.”
  His wife thought for a while and then she had an idea.“Take it to the chemist,she said,“He will be able to read it for us.”
  “Thank you,”said her husband.“Thats a good idea.”
  He went to the chemists shop and gave the doctor's “more”to him. The chemist looked at it for a long time.
  “Could you wait a moment, sir?”he said. Then he went to the back of his shop. After a few minures he came back, carrying a large bottle. He gave the bottle to the man.
  “Take one spoonful(一匙)every day.”he said.

51.What did the doctor do when he was invited to have dinner?

  A.He said he would come on time.

  B.He wrote the man a reply.

  C.He was very glad.

  D.He wrote a note to the chemist.

52.Why couldn't the man understand the “note”?

  A.Because the doctor wrote badly.

  B.Because the man didnt know much about medicine.

  C.Because the doctor didnt like to go.

  D.Because the man never went to school.

53.The wife wanted her husband to

  A.call the doctor to have dinner with them

  B.go to the chemist and get some medicine

  C.take the reply to the chemist for help

  D.read it again

54.In this story, the word“chemist”means“ ”in Chinese.

  A.护士 B.化验师 C.药剂师 D.药房


  In 1955, Walt Disney(迪斯尼) himself opened the first Disney Park in Los Angeles, the USA. Later Disney world was opened in Florida in 1971. It cost between 500and 600 million to build. Tokyo Disney Park opened in japan in 1983, and Europe(欧洲) Disney opened in France in 1992.
  Now Hong Kong is going to build a Disney Park and it will be open in 2005.
  More than 80% of hong Kongs population would like to visit the Disney Park when it is opened. But about half of them thought the adult admission(成人参观费), of between HK 250 to HK 300(US 32 to US 38), was too high. The childrens admission fee is not know yet. But children may not mind paying any entrance fee.“If I start saving money now, Ill have enough money to pay the entrance fee in five year's time,”said Chan Po-sang, a 12 years old girl.“I cant take my son to the Disney Park in the USA,”said Mrs Yu, mother of a small boy,“thats why I agree with the governments plan(政府计划) to build on here. Then Ill be able to take my son there. The admission fee of several hundred dollars is nothing compared with(与……相比) the price(价格) of an air ticket to the USA.”

55.The first Disney Park was built in .

  A.France B.Tokyo C.America D.Hong Kong

56.How many Disney Parks will there be in Asia (亚洲) by the year 2005?

  A.1 B.2 C.3 D.4

57.What do the Hong Kong people think about the plan?

  A.Most of them agree with it.

  B.Half of them dont agree with it.

  C.Few of them agree with it.

  D.Only children like it.

58.Do all the Hong Kong people care(关心) much about the entrance fee?

  A.Yes, they all think that the fee is too high.  

  B.No, the children may not mind how much the fee will be.

  C.Yes, most of them feel that the fee is not high.

  D.The wirter doesnt tell us.

59.According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE?

  A.The adult admission fee is lower than the children admission fee.

  B.Disney Parks are getting more and more popular among children and adults.

  C.The childrens admission fee is about HK 250 to HK 300.

  D.Since the fee is too high, few Hong Kong people want to visit the park.



  Light and shadow(影子) usually go together. They are friends. We receive light every day. At the same time, we make shadow.60_______ Your boda stops it from passing. There is a dark spot(斑点) on the ground next to you. The light cannot reach the dark spot. That is your shadow.61_______ Your body hardly stops all light from reaching the ground. So your shadow is quite short.62_______ Your body keeps a lot of lihgt from reaching the ground. So your shadow is long.
  We love light, especially(尤其) sunlight. Without sunlihgt, life on the earth cant live at all. Most of us like to stand in the shadow of a tree in summer.63_______ They do not want to walk in a dark street. They do not want to see the shadow, either. 64_______

  A.At noon the sun shines right over your head.

  B.But still light and shadow usually go together.

  C.In the early morning or late afternoon. The sun is low in the sky.

  D.But some people are afraid of their own shadows at night.

  E.Light cannot shine through you.

65.The best title(题目) for this passage is _______ .

  A.Friends always Go Together

  B.Light and Shadow

  C.The Changes of Light and Shadow in a Day

  D.Without Sunlight, Without Life



 Last year, on the evening of Halloween(万圣节), Jimmy and Jerry dressed themselves up as burglars(夜贼). They wore dark clothes and covered their faces. They decided 66________.
  When they arrived, they rang the door bell but there was no answer. Their grandmother couldnt hear them because67________ .
  Jimmy and Jerry decided to look through a window. As they were looking, their grandmother saw them. She was shocked(吃了一惊)! She thought they were real burglars and started to 68________ .
  Their grandmother ran out of her house. She 69________ and quickly explained(解释) everything to the policeman.
  In the end, the police man70________ and brought them into the house. He took off their black covers and the boys looked at their grandmother. She couldn't believe(相信) her eyes! The “burglars” were her grandsons, Jimmy and Jerry.


  假如你是 Hope Middle School 的一名学生,请你用英语写一篇80个词左右的短文,向你的英国朋友介绍一下你们学校的概况(不得使用真实的人名、地名)。短文要包括以下几个方面的内容:

  1.校园(school campus) 2.老师和同学 3.学习情况短文的第一句已经给出。

  I am a student of Hope Middle School...




No.1 Don't worry. Thats going to be easy enough for me.

No.2 Im a student of Class 5, Grade 6.No.3 John often does some reading before he goes to bed at night.

No.4 Well, my family name is Poe and my given name is Edgar. Allan is my middle name.

No.5 You are late again, John. Dont tell me you missed the school bus again.


No.6 How do you usually go to school?

No.7 Thats 5.60, please.

No.8 Will you be able to come to the party?

No.9 What does your brother do?

No.10 Congratulations!You did a wonderful job.


No.11 M:Can you pass me my drink, Nancy?

W:Whick glass is yours, Tom?

M:Its that one...its almost full.

W:The tall glass or the short one?

M:The tall one...over there.

Question: Which one is Toms drink?

No.12 W:Oh, Id like to buy this bag. Its really nice!

M:You are certainly right, Wang Mei. How much is it?

W:Its 30 yuan, but Ive only got 18 yuan.

M:What about this one? It's great, and it's only 16 yuan.

W:Yes, its really nice, Ill buy that one.Question:How much should they pay for the bag?

No.13 W:Do you like sport, Jim?

M:Of course I do. Football, pingpong, volleyball...I like all of them. But the sport I like most is swimming. That's my favourite.

Question:What sport does Jim like best?

No.14 M:Are you feeling better today, Jill?

W:Not really. Im still feeling cold, and I don't feel like eating anything.

M:Don't worry, Jill. Youll be better soon. The doctors here are the best in this city.

Question:Where are they talking now?

No.15 M:What did you do on Sunday, Sally?

W:We went to the Beihai Park.

M:Oh, very good! Did you go there by car?

W:Sometimes we go by car, but last sunday we didn't

M:Did you go by bus?

W:No, mum doesn't like the bus. We took the train.

Question:How did Sally go to the park on Sunday?


  OK. Here is something important for everyone going to London next month. As you know, you are going to stay with a family for two weeks. Now, the most important thing is money. You should take about 530 with you. I think that will be enough for everyone. Then, when you arrive you'll be met by your new family. You must remember to wear a red shirt so the family will find you easily. They've been told you all wear red shirts. You'll also need to take with you 4 photos of yourself and, of course, it's very important that you take the school letter:while you're there, if you have any problems, you can call Leech School office. I'll give you the office phone number now:it's 580-4436 and the person to ask for is Mrs. Belcher... that's B-E-L-C-H-E-R. She's in the office from nine o'clock in the morning until five in the afternoon every day. OK. That's everything. Have a good journey!

Question No.16 How much money should each student take?

Question No.17 What should the students wear when they arrive?

Question No.18 What is also important for every student to take?

Question No.19 What is the phone number of the school office?

Question No.20 Who should the students call if they have any problems in London? And when should they call?


1.A 2.B 3.D 4.D 5.B 6.C 7.C 8.A 9.B 10.B 11.C 12.C 13.A 14.C 15.A 16.D 17.D 18.A 19.C 20.D


1.D 2.C 3.D 4.B 5.B 6.take 7.hours 8.farthest/furthest 9.bought 10.twelfth 11.C 12.A 13.C 14.A 15.C 16.C 17.A 18.A 19.D 20.B 21.B 22.B 23.D 24.B 25.B 26.B 27.B 28.A 29.B 30.C 31.D 32.C 33.C 34.B 35.D 36.C 37.F 38.A 39.D 40.B 41.C 42.B 43.B 44.D 45.D 46.A 47.C 48.D 49.B 50.D 51.B 52.A 53.C 54.C 55.C 56.B 57.A 58.B 59.B 60.E 61.A 62.C 63.D 64.B 65.B



66.to go to their grandmother's(house/home) first

67.she was listening to/enjoying the music/some songs

68.shout/cry for help

69.stopped the/a police car(saw a police car and stopped it)

70.caught to two“burglars”/boys/them


One possible version:

  I am a student of Hope Middle School. My school campus is big and beautiful. There are many tall trees, and beautiful flowers. There is also a playground in our school.
  Our teachers are all very kind and friendly. They work hard and teach us very well. They take good care of us, and they are strict with us.
  There are about 60 students in our class. We get on well with each other. We often study and play together.
  At school, we learn many subjects, such as Chinese, maths and English. We try our best to learn them well.
  I love my school because its just like my home.