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高中第二册(上) 【教材分析—重点难点分析
Unit 1 Disneyland

[基础知识]   [拓展知识]



  (1) operate
  [ 说明 ] operate 还可以是不及物动词,作“运转” 解。operation是名词形式。
例如: This washing―machine isn’t operating properly.
The doctor performed a quick operation on the patient's arm.
  (2) as (so)far as
  [ 说明 ] as (so) far as作为连词,另外的一个意思是“就……的程度”。
例如:So far as I know, she’s still helping the sick child now.
I will help you as far as I can.
另外,与far搭配的by far ( 非常地,……得多 ),so far ( 到目前为止 )也要掌握。
例如:So far he has written three books.
Your father is more understanding than mine by far.
  (3) ahead
  [ 说明 ] 作为副词,常常和 of 搭配,构成固定短语,作“在……之前,比……强”解。
短语go ahead,有“前进,推进”或在日常对话中表示“先请,请”等意思。
例如:The time here is nine hours ahead of London.
He is ahead of me in math.
Go ahead, we are all listening to you.
——I want first to see if I can buy an evening paper.
——Go ahead, please.
[ 练习题 ]
  1. ——I wonder if I could use your dictionary. 我想知道我是否能使用您的字典。
    ——Sure. ____.
    A. Go ahead  B. Go head C. go up D. go away
  2. When you see the dishwasher ____, go to Mr. Wang, our engineer.
    A. being not operating  B. not operating  C. operates on  D. not operation
  3. This is the best picture-book I have ever read ____.
    A. by far  B. so far as C. so far D. as far as

2. 语法句法

  (1) 句型: of +抽象名词
  [ 说明 ] 这种表达法可作名词的定语,也可以作句子的表语,相当于相应形容词的意思。
例如: We don’t think there’s anything of interest in the picture. 这句话可理解为:
We don’t think there’s anything interesting in the picture.
The meeting is of great importance to the new comers.
Do you find anything of value in his speech?
  (2) 句型:祈使句,+ and + you will do…
  [ 说明 ] 这个句型作“ 如果……,你就会……”解,祈使句可理解为条件从句。
例如: Use your head, and you will find a better way.
可理解为:If you use your head, you will find a better way.
如果你动动脑筋, 你就会找到更好的办法。
在这个句型中,还可以使用连词 or, otherwise, and then 等。
Study hard, or you won't pass the exam.
[ 练习题 ]
  1. I think there’s ____ in what you’ve said.
      A. interesting of something   B. something of interest
      C. something interest      D. interesting something
  2. ____, and we’ll go on with it.
      A. Tell us what to do      B. If you tell us what to do
      C. Telling us what to do     D. If you will tell us what to do

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