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高中第一册(上) 【教材分析-重点难点分析
Unit 5 Why do you do that?
[基础知识]   [拓展知识]


1. 词法
  (1) burn
    [说明] 有 “燃烧,点燃,烧伤,烫伤” 之意。
    例如: Wood burns easily.
    The little girl burnt a candle.
    If you take the pan of oil out of the room, you might get burnt.
  (2) fetch
    [说明] bring,take, carry and fetch 都有 “拿,带” 的意思, 但bring指把某物或某人从别
    处“拿来,带来”。 take指把某人或某物从这里“带走或拿走”,从方向上说,这两个词是一反一
    正。而carry 是“拿,提,扛” 的意思,没有方向性。 fetch则指从此处到别处把某人或某物“带来
    例如: Take this empty box away and bring me a full one.
    Can you carry this heavy box for me?
    Shall I fetch your hat for you from the next room?
  (3) free
    [说明] free 是形容词,在本单元是“免费的”的意思。我们已学过“空闲的”的用法,它还有
    “自由的,不受约束的” 的意思。
    例如: I've got some free tickets for the theatre.
    I always go fishing when I am free.
    Slaves are the persons who are not free.
  (4) keep
    [说明] keep后常接复合结构。如:带现在分词的复合结构,带过去分词的复合结构,
    其后还可跟sb./sth. from doing sth. 意为 “阻止某人做某事”。
    例如:Mother kept me doing my homework for three hours.
    Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.
    Please keep the library quiet.
    The illness kept me at home for about one year.
    Keep the children away from the water's edge.
    We must keep them from getting to know our plans.
    1.  Don't waste any money; put it to some good ___ .
       A. time   B. results  C. chances   D. purpose
    2.  The government is considering further actions to ___ the pound from falling in the
       A. have   B. keep   C. hold   D. get
    3.  We all think he likes that film, but ____, he doesn't like it ____.
       A. in the past, at all   B. so that, after all  
       C. in fact, a bit      D. in fact, after all
    4.  ___ her parents, she went to the station early.
       A. fetching   B. He wants to fetch   C. In order to fetch  D. So that to fetch
    5.  We must do something to _____ the roof ___ .
       A. keep, falling       B. keeping , from falling
       C. keep, from falling    D. keeping, fallen
       [ 想看答案吗?]

2. 语法句法
  (1) none
    [说明]none 作主语时,谓语动词可用单数也可用复数。none既可指人也可指物,
    可与of短语连用。no one 只能指人,不能指物,不与of 连用。
    例如:None of us has seen that film.
    None of the books are interesting.
    No one knows about it.
  (2) twice a year
    [说明] twice a year 意为 “一年两次”,表频率。“一次,两次” 用 “once,twice” 表示,
    三次以上用“…times”表示。提问时常用 “how often…”。
    例如:---How often do I take the medicine?
    ---Three times a day.
    We go to the suburbs of Beijing once a year to plant trees.
  (3) percent
    [说明] 百分之……英语是percent。……的……,用percent of 表示。
    如:60 percent of students。
    percent of 后既可跟可数名词,也可跟不可数名词。
    当percent of +可数名词复数作主语时,谓语动词用复数形式;当 percent of+可数名词单数
    例如:They saved 90 percent of the trees.
    Fifty percent of the teachers in our school are women.
    Only 30 percent of the earth is land.
  (4) 不定式定语需加介词的情况
    [说明]不定式作定语时与被修饰的词构成动宾关系,如在I have a lot of questions to ask
    句中,questions 是ask的宾语,二者构成动宾关系。但有时不能与名词搭配时,则要加介词。
    例如:I have no pen to write with.(pen不是write 的宾语,不能只说to write,要加
    介词) 我没有笔写。
    We must find restaurant to eat at. (不能只说 to eat)
    The chair is hard to sit on.(不能说to sit)
    1.  When it rained, the soil was ___ down the hills and into the rivers.
       A. carried off   B. taken   C. brought   D. washed away
    2.  This kind of wine ____ grapes.
       A. is made of   B. is made from   C. is made into   D. is making by
    3.  ---Which of the films are interesting?
       A. None   B. No one   C. None of   D. Neither of
    4.  I fed the fish ___ the cat.
       A. on   B. at   C. for   D. to
    5.  They go to see a film ____ a month.
       A. two times   B. two   C. second   D. twice
       [ 想看答案吗?]

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