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高中第一册(上) 【教材分析-重点难点分析
Unit 5 Why do you do that?
[基础知识]   [拓展知识]


1. 词法
  (1) burn
    [说明] burn 既可作及物动词又可作不及物动词。有 “晒黑,晒” 的意思。
    例如: She has a skin that burns easily( is quickly hurt by the sun).
    Put on your hat, or the sun will burn your face.
  (2) feed
    [说明] feed 意为“喂养,饲养”,还可与介词 on 搭配,意为 “以……为食”。
    例如: She feeds the grass to the sheep.
    The cows feed on grass.
  (3) in fact
    [说明] in fact 作 “实际上,事实上” 解,与 as a matter of fact同义。
    例如: ---Is her sister an honest woman?
    --- No, in fact, she often tells lies.
    As a matter of fact, nobody knows how to do it.
  (4) so that
    [说明] “以便,以致,结果是”,后接目的状语从句,且从句中常用情态动词。
    例如: Every morning she gets up early so that she can catch the first bus.
    He worked hard so that he could pass the exam.
  (5) in order to
    [说明] 表目的,意为 “为了”,后接动词原形。
    例如: She did everything in order to pay off the debt.
  (6) fetch
    [说明] “去取,取拿” 指到别处把某人或某物 “带来”或 “取来”,含有一去一来的意思。
    例如: Please go and fetch some chalk for me.
    1.  The mother put on her glasses ___ see clearly.
       A. that   B. so that to   C. in order that   D. in order to
    2.  Meetings ____ in order to discuss the problems.
       A. hold   B. are held   C. holds   D. are holding
    3.  Any one who ____ will be punished.
       A. will break the rules   B. break the rules
       C. breaking the rules    D. breaks the rules
    4.  Please keep the medicine ___ the children.
       A. from   B. off   C. away   D. away from
    5.  In class our Chinese teacher asked Li Ming to ___ some chalk for him.
       A. fetch   B. buy   C. bring   D. take
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2. 语法句法
  (1) He has got a lot of questions to ask.
    [说明]to ask是不定式作questions的定语。动词不定式作定语,要放在被修饰词后面。
    例如: There are lots of fruits to eat.
    We have no time to waste.
  (2) Put the little plants in the shade so that the sun won't burn them.
    [说明] …so that… 意为 “以便,以致,结果是”,后要接一个完整的句子,表目的。
    而so…that 则为“太……以致于……” 之意。
    例如: He speaks loudly so that everybody can hear him clearly.
    He spoke so fast that we couldn't catch up with him。
  (3) 复习不同时态的被动语态。
    [说明] 被动语态的基本结构是be+动词过去分词,只有及物动词才有被动语态。
    一般现在时 am/ is /are + done
    一般过去时 was/were + done
    一般将来时 shall/will be + done
    现在完成时 has/have been + done
    现在进行时 am/is/are being + done
    情态动词 can/ must + be + done
    例如:The program is operated by villagers.
    Every year trees are planted.
    The classroom was cleaned yesterday.
    The flowers were watered yesterday afternoon.
    These buildings will be built next year.
    That bridge has been completed.
    The house is being painted now.
    These sentences can be changed into passive voice.
    1.  We have many books ___.
       A. reading   B. reads   C. to read   D. read
    2.  They stopped at Yunnan ___ they might visit Dianchi.
       A. in order to   B. so that   C. so…that   D. to
    3.  English ____ in many countries of the world.
       A. speaks   B. spoke   C. are spoken   D. is spoken
    4.  These books ____ into foreign language.
       A. have been translated    B. has been translated
       C. have translated      D. has translated
    5.  If you do something wrong, you ______.
       A. will punish  B. will be punished   C. punish   D. must punish
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